Strategic Vision


We are embarking on the most exciting era in the history of American soccer. Together, we have an extraordinary opportunity to inspire and impact millions of players, coaches, referees and fans of all ages. To guide this important work, U.S. Soccer has outlined a strategy built around five ambitious pillars that will be imperative to our success moving forward:

  1. Grow the game.
  2. Foster the best playing environments.
  3. Develop winning teams.
  4. Grow the soccer economy to fuel reinvestment.
  5. Create a world-class organization.

We are committed to transparency and will continue to communicate updates as we execute our five key pillars. Working together, we are confident in our strategy and our ability to come together as a soccer family to make the most of this transformational moment.

Strategic pillars

Each of these pillars are interconnected, with the success of one directly benefiting another. Thisimportant work will not happen in siloes, rather we will work together to ensure our collective success. For example, we know growing the game at the youth level will directly benefit our National Teams as there will be more elite athletes available for selection and development.



As we begin to operationalize this strategic framework, it is important to share how we are thinking about achieving our goals. Click learn more for a non-exhaustive list of philosophies we will embrace – or continue embracing – as we drive this important work forward.


While we work diligently with our membership and stakeholders over the next several months and into the 2024 Annual General Meeting on long-term planning, we are accelerating select initiatives to drive immediate impact against our strategic pillars. We will provide updates in the months ahead regarding the progress of these accelerated initiatives and will keep our community informed of additional progress made in advancing our strategic pillars.


We are excited about the building of our new headquarters and the nation’s first-ever National Training Center (NTC) in our new home city of Atlanta, Georgia. We are confident that the creation of this facility will support our overall Strategic Vision, including growing the game, fostering the best playing environments, developing winning teams, growing the soccer economy, and creating a world class organization.

These are exciting times for soccer in the U.S. We view the advent of the NTC as not only beneficial for players at the top level, to train with world class infrastructure on par with our competitors, but as an opportunity that lies at the heart of our wider commitment to grow the game across the U.S. and help everyone to find a home in this sport.